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Ovis ammon

Argali Ovis ammon Linnaeus, 1758

Photo by D. Davaasuren,Undurshireet, Tuv aimag

Stocky and heavy, but legs are relatively longer. Males have long yellowish hairs on underside of neck in winter. Both sexes have horns. The male's horns are curved, spiralled and thick: 58-150 cm in length,, occasionally up to 170 cm, 40-44 mm in circumference at the base. The female's horn are smaller: 25-35 cm in length. Body Length :140-190 cm, shoulder height: 85-125 cm. Weight: males-40-200 kg, females- 27-76kg. Condylo-basal length:230-390 mm. Gestation period: about 150 days. Produces one young, or occasionally twins, in mid April/May. Sexually mature at 2-3 years old. Life span: 10-18 years in wild. Mountainous areas, pluteus, canyon land areas with rocky outcrops, and hilly areas.

( A Field guide to the Mammals of Mongolia, N. Batsaikhan, R.Samiya, S.Shar, D.Lkhagvasuren, S.R.B. King.)