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Red deer or Elk Cervus elaphus Linnaeus 1758

Mungun morit Photo by D.Lkhagvasuren

Pelage yellowish-red to reddish-brown in summer, greyish-brown in winter. Winter fur is 3-4 cm long with coarse guard hairs and thick undercoat. Rump patch creamy-colouredwithdark outline. Fawn have white spot, which disappear after the autumn moult. Only males have antlers. Length of the main beam of antlers 1.5m, spread up to 1.3m. Antlers become larger and stronger with age. Antler development is complete at 5-6 years, but males 10-12 years old have the strongest antlers. After this, signs of ageing can be seen. Antlers shed in March/April, grow by rutting time in autumn. Body length: adult males-213-247cm, adult females -193-232 cm, Body weight: 250-345 kg in adult males. Shoulder height: adult males-142-165 cm, adult females -124-152 cm. Gestation period: 230-280 days. Produces one calf in May/July. Stripped tips of saplings and tree bark in places where red deer are abundant.

( A Field guide to the Mammals of Mongolia, N. Batsaikhan, R.Samiya, S.Shar, D.Lkhagvasuren, S.R.B. King.)