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Dryomis nitedula

Forest dormouse Dryomis nitedula Pallas, 1778 Khovd prov.

Bulgan river, Photo by D.Lkagvasuren

Depending on the habitat, pelage colour varies from ash gray to dark brown. Underside light yellowish-white. Black stripe mask encircles each eye to the base of the ear. Tail bushy and pale gray. Bulging eyes. Head-rump measurement 80-120mm, tail length 70-110mm, hind foot length 19-24mm, ear length 13-19mm. Body weight: up to 60g. Condylo-basal length 18,0-27,8mm, zygomatic width 12,3-17,0mm. Nocturnal. Nests in hollow trees and tree canopy. Sometimes used abandoned bird nests. Nests lined with lichen, moss, feathers and hair. Hibernates. Feeds on insects including moths and caterpillars, nuts, seeds, berries and buds. Mates May-August. Gestation period 23-25 days. Produces 1-3 liiters of 2-8 young per year. Nest constructed in branch forks.

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