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Tamais sibiricus


Siberian chipmunk Tamais sibiricus Laxmann, 1769

Selenge prov. Tunkhel sum, Photo by G. Gantulga
Slender body, slightly smaller than squirrel. Five black stripes along the back, dark yellow sides and head. Tail is relatively long and bushy, with three thin brown stripes on the upper side and a light margin. Has cheek pouches. Head-rump measurement: 130-170 mm, tail length: 80-116 mm, hind foot length: 31-38 mm, ear length: 13-20 mm, Body weight: 60-120g. Diurnal. Mostly terrestrial but can climb trees. Hibernates from October to early April. Mates after spring emergence. Gestation period: 35-40 days. Produces one litter of 4-6 young annually. Sexually mature in second year. Forested areas. Also rock scree within and at the edge of forest. Rocky slopes with shrubs in the Nomrog river valley, eastern Mongolia.

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