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Thick-tailed pygmy Jerboa Salpingotus crassicauda Vinogradov, 1924

Zuun gariin gobi 2010 Photo by D.Lkhagvasuren

Sandy yellow back and light belly. Tail is relatively short and very thick due to fat deposits in subcutaneous tissue ( Differentiating this species from Korlov's pygmy jerboa Salpingotus kozlovi ). No flag at the end of the tail. Entire surface of the tail covered with short hairs, the tip has long sparse hairs. Hind feet have three toes and a thick brush-like pad, fore feet have five toes. Light hairs at the margins of feet. Ears are small and tubular. Body Lenght: 49-57 mm, tail length: 87-117mm, hind foot length:21-27 mm, ear length: 5.0-8.0mm. Body weight:7-24 g. Condylo-basal length: 23-28 mm. Nocturnal. Hibernates. Feeds on leaves and insects. Hibernates. Feed on leaves and insects. Mates after spring emergence from hibernation. Produces 2 litters of 2-4 young annually. Shrubby desert semi-desert habitats with clay soil.

( A Field guide to the Mammals of Mongolia, N. Batsaikhan, R.Samiya, S.Shar, D.Lkhagvasuren, S.R.B. King.)